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This online guide is specifically designed to provide you with everything you need to set up and provide a geophysical field survey, laboratory experiment, or just modeling. Everything you need to organize the search of ore, resource deposits, oil and gas; to provide enviroment, hydrology, hydrogeology and land studies; to conduct the diagnostics for engineering, support issues, and many others. Equipment, tools, instrumentation for:
• surface geophysics
• airborne geophysics
• marine geophysics
• borehole investigations
• laboratory works
• mining.
Subscription allows you to receive newest information and offers directly from manufacturer. Subscription lets us know your particular interest and leads towards such improvement to surve your needs better.

GEOPHYSICAL EQUIPMENT DESIGNERS, get your products listed in the database!

Your geoscientific products can still be included in our database for free. Geophysical instruments, including its general specifications, picture, brief description and a link to more detailed information on manufacturer’s website, is listed in the database. Such a simple scheme brings certain efficiency to research process and strengthens the informational support with its growth. If you produce equipment related to geological exploration, mining, civil engineering, safety control systems or even laboratory analysis, then your products can still be placed in the database for free. We appreciat initiative from your site!

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We are interested in contacts with as many companies as possible, and we would like to hear from you. Your company can have a profile or be advertised on our website. Also an information and news provided by you can be distributed through the project. Such services are not free and require further contact. We are interested in your company, and we know who else might be.

Please, address all technical questions to wgeoequipment@gmail.com